Access Control

Access Control Solutions


A building its contents and the property of staff are most vulnerable during opening hours. Strangers walking about freely, staff wandering into restricted areas and locks being replaced due to lost keys, are all problems. So why not have Alarm-Tec Security Systems install some of these very effective low cost solutions and achieve peace of mind.

Access Control: Prevent unauthorised access to areas by staff visitors or strangers. Provide secure and speedy access to areas for authorised personnel. Avoid expensive door lock replacements due to loss of keys.

Door Monitoring: Alert your staff to any breach of security through doors being forced or inadvertently left open. Prevent staff being tail gated into secure areas. Automatically override secured doors in the event of a fire alert.

Cash Office or Clean Room Security: Interlock cash office doors allowing only one door to open at a given time. Increase security for personnel with duress code facility.

Health & Safety: Prevent access to hazardous areas or materials. Implement supervised access to dangerous machinery utilising the dual code facility.