Our every day lives have been changed by the use of radio communication, and now so has protecting life and property. EMS’s radio technology provides an attractive, robust and cost effective alternative to traditional hardwired systems.

We have an extensive product range producing wire-free solutions for all types of installations including fully integrated networked systems. Wire free products include:

* Fire Detection

* Voice Evacuation
* Disability Alarms
* Intruder Alarms
* Nurse Call
* Staff Location
* Asset Protection
* Lone Worker
* Site Messaging

There are a number of applications where wire free systems provide unique benefits that wired systems cannot match. These include:

* Heritage properties, listed buildings and protected structures.
* Hotels and residential homes.
* Open plan buildings with exposed block work and ceilings.
* Churches and Cathedrals.
* Hospitals and nursing homes.
* Offices, factories and warehouses.
* Clean room environments.
* Supermarkets and retail units.
* In most cases, our systems can be installed in less than one day, with no disruption to normal daily business, and no damage to the fabric and décor of the building.

We can also provide temporary protection during the course of a building project with the system becoming permanent once the property is complete and handed over.