Alarm-Tec specialises in the professional installation and servicing of CCTV for your business. Our qualified team can help you with all your CCTV requirements, our knowledge and experience in system design ensures we build the system which best meets your specific needs.

Introducing Digital Solutions
Dallmeier electronic DLS 24 S1 - Edition.
High resolution digital security recording system with up to 24 camera inputs for professional use

o Security hardware with VdS approval
o SEDOR technology: built-in security for automatic sabotage recognition
o Integral ProcessViewer: Picture display and export software with authentication test -> Kalagate approval
o SmartFinder
o Extensive self-diagnostics and monitoring functions
o Application-specific software for industry, banks and

o 24 camera inputs (12 activated)
o 120 GB IDE hard disk (please enquire for current size)
o MCD 25 multi control display (Real time triplex functionality:
simultaneous live picture, playback and PRemote)
o Built-in motion detection
o Floppy disk drive
o Integral LCD display for status and information
o Real time recording
o Multi-track recording
o High speed recording: up to 50 fields/s in multi-track operation