Outlined below are a range of questions people new to the concept of Radio Based Systems tend to ask, plus we have a few answers for the more seasoned user as well. If your specific enquiry is not addressed below please send it through our enquiry form and we will endeavour to address it.

Q. Can other forms of radio communications interfere with EMS systems?
Radio based systems are now part of everyday life, and reliable interference free use is the norm. This is also the case with EMS Radio Technology – Radio interference has never caused false alarms on EMS systems.

Q. Is there a warranty on EMS equipment?
EMS has long been established as providing reliable quality radio technology. This is backed up with a full two year equipment warranty.

Q. How long does the energy pack last in each device?
Typical operating life for devices (smoke/heat detectors, call points, sounders) is five years and this includes for normal routine maintenance and testing.

Q. How do I know if the device energy packs are running low?
Energy management software in the system controller monitors each device. As the remaining battery power approaches a critical level, you will receive on a daily basis a reminder from individual devices, displayed on the system controller. You should then contact your service company to arrange for energy packs to be checked and replaced.

Q. What is the maximum range between a device and the control panel?
In free space and with a clear line of site, a device can be up to 250 metres from the panel, so open plan buildings are easily protected. If there are blind spots in a building caused by steel or concrete floors and walls, we have a range of transponders that are used to collect data from local devices, and boost the signal back to the main panel.