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Do you run a Hotel or Guest House ?

New Legislation which will directly affect you....

Proposed changes in legislation regarding fire safety in the Guest House and B&B sectors, will result in all such properties having to install an L2 type fire alarm and detection system, providing both automatic and manual protection within designated escape routes, and also in guest bedrooms. Owners of properties in which a fire alarm is already installed will have to ensure that the system complies with the relevant standards and regulations.

Our Solution

As an alternative to the problems associated with the fitting of a traditional hardwired fire alarm, we can install a fully compliant wire free fire system in any type of Guest House in 4 to 6 hours, with no drilling or chasing of floors, walls or ceilings, and no damage to painted or decorated surfaces.
As our system is wire free, there are no unsightly or exposed surface run cables.

The speed of installation ensures that no inconvenience is caused to your guests, nor is there any impact on room occupancy.

Introducing the 5000 Firepoint

Our Everyday lives have been changed by the use of radio communications, and now so has fire detection.

The 5000 FirePoint utilises secure licence-free, radio communications to interconnect the sensors and devices (smoke detectors, call-points, etc.) with the controllers. a simple concept, but one that provides many unique benefits.

5000 FirePoint is a full analouge addressable fire detection system with a set of features that make it one of the most advanced fire detection systems available - and without the need for cable.

5000 FirePoint provides an attractive and cost effective alternative to traditional wired fire alarm systems for all applications.

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