Alarm-Tec Access Control Solutions provide very effective low cost security providing peace of mind by protecting buildings, its contents, staff and its property by restricting access as to who can enter.

This prevents strangers walking about freely or HR entering restricted areas; access control security systems provide secure and speedy entry for authorised personnel and avoids expensive door lock replacements due to lost keys.

Your HR Staff can easily gain access by using their unique code entered at a keypad or by using a fob provided to present at the door.

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Door Monitoring

door monitoring

Alerts your staff to any breach of security through doors being forced or left open. It prevents staff being tailgated into secure areas. It also overrides secured doors in the event of a fire alert.

Cash Office or Clean room Security

access control

Interlocks cash office doors allowing only one door to open at a given time. It increases security for staff and personnel.

Health and Safety

access control

By preventing access to hazardous areas and materials stored. It implements supervised access to dangerous machinery by utilising a dual code facility.

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