Alarm-Tec Fire detection Systems provide safety by the early detection of a fire, smoke or heat. Our systems can be wired or wireless and catered to the needs of our customer.

Our Fire Detection Systems are independently connected to our 24 hour Manned Smart monitoring Station in accordance with legal security regulations to ensure Fire Services are immediately contacted in the event of a calamity.

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SmartCell has been designed as a complete wireless fire detection system to protect people and property.

The system incorporates separate information zones which allow input devices to be configured in multiple configurations, providing maximum flexibility to the end user.

A SmartCell system can support up to 64 wireless devices consisting of 32 fire devices and 32 information devices and is perfect for small to medium sized fire system installations.

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EMS FireCell is the UK’s number one developer and manufacturer of wireless and hybrid fire detection products.

In addition IRIS+ is the leading wireless staff protection solution used and universally trusted across a variety of business sectors.

EMS FireCell is a comprehensive analogue addressable fire detection solution with a set of features that make it one of the most advanced fire detection systems in the world.

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Do I need to have a radio signal survey prior to installation?

Yes, Alarm-Tec provides radio surveys for clients at a reasonable charge.

What type of wireless devices are available?

Every type of device that exists on a standard fire alarm system, we supply the wireless equivalent – without the hassle of cables! 

How often do device batteries need to be replaced?

The battery life on all FireCell devices is 5 years using batteries specified by the manufacturer. SmartCell devices have a battery life of 3 years.

Can I hardwire part of the system and use wired devices?

Yes, by using a multiple loop FireCell panel it is possible to have a dedicated loop of hardwired devices.

Are wireless systems compliant with the relevant standards?

Yes, the system is fully 3rd party tested to all relevant parts of EN54 (Alarm-Tec can share relevant certificates if required).

How many devices can be added to each panel?

For FireCell this depends on the size of the panel, a single loop can have up to 126 devices. An eight loop can have up to 1,008 devices. SmartCell can have up to 32 fire devices and 32 information devices.

Do fully wireless fire detection systems require any cable?

The system infrastructure (Hub to RCC’s to Devices) is completely wireless; the only cable required is between the Radio Hub and control panel (CIE), that are located beside each other.

Are power supplies required for the FireCell radio infrastructure?

The battery life on all FireCell devices is 5 years using batteries specified by the manufacturer. SmartCell devices have a battery life of 3 years.

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